Affordability. Simplicity. Impact.

Time and budgets are tight, but companies need strong leadership skills to compete. New Lens is uniquely designed to meet this need in a way that no one has done before. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, an employee can get access to strategies proven to build stronger leadership skills in companies like these:

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 New Lens makes it easy for your company and your people


Target critical or underserved employee groups.
Offer this to new managers, individual contributors with five or more years of experience, or key groups (e.g., emerging leaders, women, etc.).


Short, sweet and high-impact.
Content is “bite-sized” (two to seven minutes), perfect for time-strapped employees. This offers over 200 videos, articles and exercises designed from decades of hands-on experience to enable immediate on-the-job application.


Customized experience.
Tailor your program experience based on your assessment results.


No travel time or expense. Get 24x7 access right from your iOS or Android mobile device or desktop, to redirect your budget from travel expenses to leadership development.


Get started in a few simple steps to get a New Lens on leadership

The process is easy to implement and can be adapted for your organization’s unique needs. 


  1. Identify your target participant group(s)

  2. Choose from standardized or customized rollout options

  3. Send participants an introductory email and link

  4. Start the New Lens program 


  1. Use New Lens reports to gain more insight about your participant’s development needs

  2. Supplement the app with other services to maximize the learning and impact